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Industry Specific Insurance

Protection Specific to Your Industry.

Protection Specific to Your Industry

When it comes to insurance, each industry has special needs. Insurance providers can't create a single insurance plan for every type of business due to industry-specific hazards. At Insure Connecticut, we understand that being distinctive is what ensures your company's overall success. That’s why we provide industry-specific insurance options for businesses of all types.

What is Industry-Specific Insurance?

Insurance particular to your industry is individually created and adapted to fit your needs. For instance, the risks faced by a large company in the construction industry are substantially different from those faced by a tiny hair salon in your neighborhood shopping mall. Why then would you insure them similarly? You may rest easy at night knowing that your company is protected from any unexpected and unanticipated calamities if you have industry-specific insurance.


Businesses in a variety of industries can receive customized insurance plans. Aviation, agriculture, community care, construction, hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing, marine, property, retail, trades, transport, logistics, wholesale, and professional services are a few of the industries that frequently use industry-specific insurance coverage (e.g. accountants, architects, solicitors, marketing agencies, and finance brokers).

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